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Two students from the Nurse Practitioner Program interview a distressed mother, played by a standardized patient, with her sick baby (SimBaby)
An Anesthesia resident interviews a patient (standardized patient) having Post-dural puncture headache in the emergency department, and subsequently performs an epidural blood patch procedure on a lumbar puncture partial task trainer.
Students interview a distressed mother (standardized patient) with her sick baby (SimBaby) Anesthesia resident interviews standardized patient having Post-dural puncture headache and performs epidural blood patch procedure on lumbar puncture partial task trainer

Hybrid Simulation

When more than one type of simulators are used in simulation, then it is called hybrid simulation. The common one is to combine one manikin with one standardized patient (patient actor), in order to increase the realism of simulated scenarios and add additional challenges for learners. The standardized patient may portray a family member or anyone else associated with the patient (manikin).  Depending on the educational objectives, the simulated family member can be sad, anxious, angry, etc.

At the CSBL, the simulation team works closely with the Standardized Patient Program to assemble hybrid simulation scenarios.

Initiate Hybrid Simulation Activity
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